30 Sep 2013

Red and Navy

 I have been making these jersey top with vintage scarf attached on the front for many years. I now no longer make them, but my customer asked me that where can I get it? and I desided to customised one for her. I showed Paula some of the images of my vintage scarves and she chosen with this red and navy scarf on navy jersey fabric. It worked very well, I love it! Such a cute combination and so chic.

I enjoy making this style again. It's very original and shows your taste.
If you would like me to create your original top, please contact me! We can discuss it.


9 Jun 2013

8 May 2013

Room 334 blog

My Polka dots blouse was posted on Room 334 blog. It looks lovely on Elana. Her everyday outfit blog is very cute each photos and she wrote about D4Discus on her post.

24 Apr 2013

Spring Event

D4DISCUS is now member of local designers group call E17 Designers.
First event comes on 17th May 2013.
My 1960's style summer dresses will be ready!
more info...


13 Jan 2013

60’s Daydream by online magazine WILD FIRE





photo by Kohii Love

D4DISCUS featured with online magazine from Melbourne Australia. The magazine is about Vegan, Fair-Trade, Fashion, Food & Wellbeing… They have some lovely pictures. WILD FIRE magazine