11 Apr 2011

Donation sale 01/04/20011

photo by Mirei

Donation sale for the Japan Tsunami Appeal♥

Our last event went very well and having another one again at Old Spitalfields Market, London.

Especially, if you work near by the city, please do come along for lunch brake and enjoy our home made cakes and wonderful hand made indie jewelries and accessories.

All the sales will donate to British Red Cross Japan tsunami appeal.

+++++ Support our country Japan from abroad +++++

Many of us live far from our home still worry about those massive damages of tsunami.
It takes months and years to build back up and for those people lost family and friends I don't know how long does it take to recover.
...Our help is small but we want to do something for them to recover from this devastating natural disaster.
World is supporting us. We are extremely grateful for and moved by their support. Thank you to everyone who has given!

6 Apr 2011

Hope for Japan

D4DISCUS support for Japan helping all the people recover from this devastating ...natural disaster over the coming months and years...

We had donation sale at the market, went very well. Thank you for all the supports!

Planning next one soon... let's you know later.

Thank you.

5 Apr 2011

Country Living Spring Fair -  March 2011
It was our first Spring Show... I enjoyed it a lot.

Next one will be Christmas Show in November.
Spring is here....

My new post cards are printed soon♥